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Manufacturer of auto parts and assemblies

Brief introduction of the company

Tajiran Company was established in 1353 under the name of Micromation with the aim of importing and exporting electrical and electronic goods, and in 1979 the Micromination Company was renamed as Tajiran (Iranian Trade). After conducting many studies and researches, this company Obtaining a development plan in the field of auto parts was practically introduced as a manufacturer of auto parts.

At present, it has started significant activities in the field of bus parts as well as in the field of passenger parts, and by concluding contracts with Sapco-Sazeh Gostar-Mehrkam Pars companies, it has comprehensive cooperation with them.

Message from head manger

In the name of God Almighty, all that we have is a corner of His infinite grace. A Lord whose service to His servants is one of the signs of gaining His pleasure, and establishing the sanctity and sanctity of the servants of God, is obligatory and obligatory on us and on everyone in every work and activity; Especially in the entrepreneurship and industry sector, what is most important and priority is the prominent role of society as the audience and consumers of products on the one hand and on the other hand as employees and forces of various industrial units.

This is why the positive and effective interaction of industry and society is clearly manifested, and serious attention to the citizens of society and respect for their rights, which is really the only way to develop and continue entrepreneurial and industrial activities, is fundamentally necessary.

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Tajiran means Iranian trade

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