Tajiran Company was established in 1974 under the name of Micromation with the aim of importing and exporting electrical and electronic goods, and in 1979 the Micromination Company was renamed as Tajiran, meaning (Iranian Trade).
According to the thinking and goals of the company’s managers to produce Iranian products on the one hand and the need of the developing electricity and electronics industry in the country on the other hand, the production of basic tools needed by the industry is on the agenda of company officials. Accordingly, in 1986, the Ministry of Industries and Mines received the approval in principle for the production of electric and tin mortars, and then the Tajiran factory, after experimental production in the Fajr decade of 1987, began its official operation.
Tajiran Company changed the place of registration of the company from Tehran to Semnan on 25/6/1366 and registered it under number 696 in the Companies Registration and Industrial Property Office of Semnan for convenience of work as well as obligations that were and are expected for it.
Tajiran Company was able to achieve significant success in the country due to the heartfelt commitments of its managers to customer orientation and product quality from the very beginning of production, and following this success in 1991 and 1992, exported more than 25% of its products to the region and Germany. N.

Due to the problems of not having the mandatory standard of hoyeh in the country and underground production and uncontrolled import of hoyeh and cheap tin killers, it became a factor for Tajiran to review the production of its products and based on this and the future of car factories, slowly planning Auto parts changed, so that in 1379, with the adoption of the development plan in the field of auto parts, it was practically introduced as a manufacturer of auto parts.
At present, it has started significant activities in the field of bus parts as well as in the field of passenger parts, and by concluding contracts with Sapco-Sazeh Gostar-Mehrkam Pars companies, it has comprehensive cooperation with them.
These activities and developments were not possible except in the shadow of study, planning, design, development, and foresight and the obligation to have commitments such as customer focus, quality, reasonable price, timely delivery, productivity in the unit with timely training. And updating and creating the necessary platform for the growth and innovation of its staff and colleagues in the unit and their satisfaction.

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