According to the company’s macro policies in expanding the company’s performance in various fields of work, the company’s design and engineering department with the aim of meeting the company’s internal needs and providing services to industries and companies active in the field of industrial parts production with the following conditions and Is ready to cooperate.

The technical and engineering department of Tajiran Company operates in three main branches of research, education, technical and engineering with macro goals and specialized capabilities. The principles of activity in the technical and engineering department of the company are such that in a specialized department, according to the sciences related to that department, professional research is done. The output of this research is either educational or technical engineering that is used in industries. In fact, Tajiran Company, with a view to applying science and commercializing research, designs the principles of the departments and responds to the orders and requests of the department. In this department, where university professors with doctoral degrees and efficient experts in the mother industry are present; Customers ‘orders are analyzed and after a professional review, the requested answer is provided to the customers’ needs.

The services of this department include design, software analysis, tests (durability-fatigue-thermal-vibration, etc.), sample making.

Specialized fields of design and construction:

Design and manufacture of mechanical equipment and hydraulic and pneumatic systems
Design of production processes, especially processes related to sheet metal and pressing
Design and manufacture of various molds related to metal parts
Design and manufacture of various molds and single-stage and progressive matrices
Specialized design, analysis and fabrication of traction molds
Design and manufacture of gauges, gauge panels and control fixtures
Production line design, and timing
Fabrication of parts by fast prototyping method
3D printing of parts

Software used:

A- Software used in the field of CAD


B- Software used in the field of CAE


C- Software used in the field of CAM

Master Cam
Power Mill

D- Software used in the field of reverse engineering:

Geomagic studio
Rapidform xor

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